Welcome to the next generation modern subconscious programming and emotional blocks release allowing to remove resistance and correct personal issues using a world leading contentiously curated state-of-the-art program of mind and frequency therapies.





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Peace of mind

Body pain

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Mental blocks

Past regresssion

Third eye activation

"Gabriel is a healer!


The sessions I did with Gabriel were deeply relaxing - in the 1st session I felt a kind of deep relaxation that I didn’t even know was possible. And after the sessions not only did my focus and concentration improve but I felt a natural kind of freedom and ease arising in my state of being. I also had a profound physical healing in another sessions. This is something I had been addressing with both Western medicine and acupuncture and Chinese herbal support for months with minimal results. In 1 session I was almost completely healed. What a gift !

I highly recommend working with Gabriel. "

Tracy, 37 years old, line manager, Beverly Hills

Happy Young Woman

Increase your sense of CALM and TRUST in self. You deserve to see the benefit of investing in yourself. Integrative Mind Detox is also an effective way to stop smoking and other unwanted habits. 

I offer special family packages of shared sessions that you can use with relatives to  help family let go of old patterns and limited beliefs. I have custom sessions for actors, artists and business executives as well as focused on children that address issues such as STRESS and Anxiety. 

What is the most important concern for you to resolve at this time in your life?

What do you need to know to live in alignment with your soul purpose?

What kind of guidance will assist you in your projects, meetings, castings, events, relationships, investments? 

Let me help you create alignment with your subconscious as your GPS to guide you as the driver of where you want to go in your life!





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"I believe that treating a problem with only one tool is like painting with only one color. That is why I also use music as a multi-dimensional powerful healing tool. Using a combination of modalities has created a unique treatment approach that is both fast and effective, and reconnects the body, mind and soul."

Gabriel Nohra

Mind Detox Technology

Discovering the power your mind holds can help turn your life around. Though often forgotten, we need to take care of the mind, emotions, and thoughts to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Mental healing plays a crucial role in making life-changing decisions. Gabriel, an experienced hypnotherapist, can provide mind detox therapy sessions to help you realize your true potential.

Turn Your Life Around With Mind Detox

Wondering how to let go of previous negative encounters or disabling beliefs you may have? Try Gabriel’s Mind detox program.

Mind detox will help you discover and heal any underlying mental and emotional causes which manifest as physical conditions. These causes are mainly hidden in the subconscious mind, making it difficult to identify, and heal. Gabriel has years of experience as a hypnotherapist. While practicing, he has identified a unique therapy method that helps him offer the best mind detox therapy for his patients.

Think of how much better your life would be if you could resolve all underlying problems you have, even those you are unaware about. Life would be happier and peaceful, right? That is what Gabriel is offering through his mind therapy. He strongly believes everyone deserves to live happily with ease and confidence. Enroll for his therapy session, cast away your worries, and move on effortlessly from negative beliefs, thoughts, and encounters.

The Connection between Mind Detox and a Successful Mindset

Have you been failing almost everything to the point that you have now lost the will to try again? Did you know that the first cause of failure is the blockage you have created in your mind? The beliefs and thoughts you have over time, get into your subconscious mind, affecting your success. Thus, slowing down your growth and success. Luckily, with Gabriel's mind detox, you can clean your mind of these thoughts, move forward and succeed.

He will help you identify the blockages you have. As you continue his mind detox therapy, you will eventually let go of any negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings. By the end of the program, you will have a new mindset, a success mindset.

With the right attitude and thoughts, you can accomplish your goals and succeed in life. As you keep on wishing to be successful in life, it is important to actualize it. Start by enrolling for Gabriel's mind detox and transform your life.












Over the course of many years, gabriel nohra traveled all around the world and developed his career as a hypnotherapist by successfully treating over 3,000 clients in Europe, including very serious cases of addiction, chronic illness, and debilitating anxiety. His reputation attracted the attention of several doctors and researchers in the medical field for having success with patients who didn't respond to traditional medicine.

With his success as a hypnotherapist based in London and career in composing music in Paris, Gabriel nohra has developed his own unique method of therapy integrating subconscious techniques with meditation and music therapy.


Gabriel strongly believes that all people are meant to live with energy, confidence and a feeling of ease. If you feel like there are aspects of your life, your mental health or your physical health that are holding you back from living the life you are meant to live, take the next step and book a session today.


Now in Los Angeles, Gabriel Mind detox is available to help clients with in-person and remote sessions to support of your highest well-being. Gabriel also has recorded tracks to help spread the gift of his therapeutics for you to experience or gift to a loved one .


Call us today to inquire about a personalized therapy session to help you live with the joy and ease you deserve as you clear your mind to live with intention and achieve your life goals..

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